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Due to supply chain issues there is currently a 3-4 month wait for heat pump installations. If you are interested in having a heat pump installed we are happy to discuss and contact you closer to a possible installation time and provide you with a current quote at that time.


Imagine saving 80%* of the energy you currently use to heat water...

What difference would that make to your energy bill?

*relative to resistive element, electric storage water heaters

Water heating is the single biggest user of energy in most households

Heat pumps are the most energy efficient way to heat water

80% of the thermal energy used to heat water comes from free "heat" in the air  


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Take the hassle out of replacing your water heater

 t2zero will arrange all aspects of the installation process

Applicable rebates are credited at the point of sale and assigned to t2zero

Melbourne Metro/Mornington Peninsula


*Replacing a working Electric Storage water heater

Payment by EFT

After STC, VEEC & Solar Vic Solar Water Heater rebates

t2zero Reclaim Energy CO2 Heat Pump

Every installation is unique and we are happy to discuss your specific needs - no obligation.

Pricing for Regional Victoria

Pricing varies depending on STC zone, applicable rebates, transport and installation complexity

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"Very impressed with level of service provided! Very knowledgeable and took time to explain details clearly. Understood our urgency to return hot water to our house and thus went to great efforts to schedule install within days of contacting them. Heat pump hot water system is quiet, neat and working wonderfully. Could not be happier!"

R. Blowfield, Mooroolbark, VIC.

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DIY installation option

You arrange the plumber, electrician & claim the applicable rebate(s)

Reclaim Energy CO2 Heat Pump Water Heater

With so many options in the market it can be confusing to choose the right system
Learn why t2zero has chosen the Reclaim Energy Heat Pump as their preferred Water Heater

t2zerp Reclaim en.jpgrgy Heat Pump

 Benefits of choosing a Reclaim Energy Heat Pump over other systems:

  • The heat pump water heater has been designed by an Australian company for Australian conditions


  • No back up heater element is required (using a back up heater is an ineffective and costly way to heat your water)


  • One of the quietest heat pumps on the market

  • Suited to cold climates (most other heat pumps rely on a back up heater element in colder weather)

  • Uses naturally occurring CO2 as the refrigerant (CO2 is non toxic, non-flammable, non-ozone depleting and has the lowest global warming potential (GWP) of any refrigerant)

  • Glass lined storage tank is suitable for all water types including bore and rain water

  • Superior quality and features over many other brands


  • Strong warranties

  • User friendly external smart controller allows programming to individual household needs including times to take advantage of your solar PV

  • Achieves zero net emissions when running off solar PV

  • One of the most energy efficient heat pumps on the market

  • Qualifies for great STC and VEEC rebates compared with other models on the market (see below)

Heat Pump vs Solar water heaters

t2zero Solar compared to heat pump
Electric Solar vs Heat Pump.png

Source: Beyond Zero Emissions

As you can see from the graphs above, both heat pumps and electrical boosted solar hot water systems are very efficient

Seasonal variation in solar access, particularly in the southern states, requires solar water heaters to be boosted by electricity or gas in the cooler months to meet hot water demand

In southern Australia - Victoria, NSW, South Australia and Tasmania we recommend households install a cold weather heat pump for a number of reasons:

  • Victoria’s remaining gas reserves are forecast to decline between 47-54% by the end of 2023. (Refer ). Peak winter gas supply in Victoria may become constrained within this timeframe, while gas exports to other states eg NSW and South Australia will be significantly curtailed.

  • Any commodity that is supply constrained tends to increase in price

  • Many households are moving to all electric which can be generated from renewable sources

  • A heat pump water heater is easier to install than a Solar hot water system (Refer )

  • Roof space used for a thermal Solar hot water system could be used to install solar panels instead

  • If gas is only used for hot water, disconnecting from mains gas will save you gas supply charges

Rebates available

There are national and state based rebates for Reclaim Energy systems

STC zones Australia


1. National rebate -  Small-scale Technology Certificate (STC)


STC zones are shown in the map above.


Reclaim Energy CO2 Heat Pump Water Heaters receive amongst the highest number of STCs in the market, reflecting their superior energy efficiency. Market values for each STC fluctuate daily.

​​​2. Victorian Rebates - Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificate (VEEC) Rebate


Promoted as the Energy Saver Incentive, the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) is a scheme which aims to encourage the uptake of energy efficient technology in residential premises.

VEEC rebates for a Reclaim Energy CO2 Heat Pump are only available if you are replacing an existing, working electric storage hot water system. VEEC market values fluctuate daily.

Check the current rebate market values here:

3.Victorian Solar Hot Water Rebate explained

Victorian homes are eligible for a  rebate of up to $1,000 on solar hot water systems...

This is a great option for households where solar panels might not be suitable, or for households that already have solar panels installed. 

Under the new process, the rebate will be paid directly to your provider and deducted from your invoice – ensuring you only have to pay any outstanding balance once the system is installed.

Eligibility Criteria

Victorian household owners are eligible to receive a rebate under the Solar Homes Program (the Program) if:

  • they are the owner-occupier of the property

  • all owners have a combined household taxable income of less than $180,000 per annum (based on their Australian Tax Office Notice of Assessment for the last two years)

  • it is an existing property, valued at under $3 million

  • the hot water system to be replaced is at least three years old from the date of purchase

  • they have not received a solar PV rebate or a battery rebate under the program

  • the property is not a new build (Class 1 building)

Once you’re confident that your property meets the eligibility criteria, you can start the process by applying for an eligibility number.

If t2zero arranges of the installation your unit we take the hassle out of claiming the rebates and save you time and upfront costs of the Heat Pump; by taking care of the STC and VEEC rebates on your behalf we can apply them as a Point of Sale discount to you, the system owner.

If you chose your own plumber and electrician to install your unit we can supply the unit to you and help guide you with the rebate process so you can make your own claim online. As a guide the STC rebate should cover most of the cost of the installation.

My hot water service has broken down...How quickly can I get a Reclaim Energy Heat Pump?

We understand the inconvenience of not having a hot water and are therefore available to help get your hot water working as soon as possible.


Please call or leave a message so we can help you get a system as fast as we can depending on your location and whether you require installation or have your own installers.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping costs vary with location. Please contact us to get an obligation free quote.

The Reclaim Energy Heap Pump has a waterproof smart controller...tell me more

The smart controller is installed either on the tank or on a wall nearby the unit. It features:

  • Optimised usage – Preset Options allow customers to customize times or maximise the energy they produce to offset their hot water energy costs (making the most while the sun shines or using off peak energy rates)

  • Single shot boost providing additional hot water quickly as required

  • Built in frost control operation

  • Built in legionella control

  • Error codes display for troubleshooting

How can a Heat Pump be used as a form of battery storage for your home?

Any excess energy your PV system generates is exported to the grid, for which you receive a feed in tariff, typically around 11.3c/ kWh. This tariff is generally less than the off-peak tariff, making it the cheapest electricity you have access to. It therefore makes sense to use this excess electricity for self consumption. The Reclaim Energy heat pump uses less than 1 kW of electricity to power the system. Running the Heat Pump for three hours a day during peak solar generation - typically the time of lowest demand - is the equivalent of storing 3 kWh of electricity in the form of hot water, making it effectively a thermal battery.

Why choose a Reclaim Energy CO2 Heat Pump Water Heater?

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