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About t2zero

t2zero (transition 2 zero) was inspired by Hepburn Shire Council’s Zero Net Community Transition Plan - - that provides a roadmap for Hepburn communities to transition 2 zero net energy by 2025 and zero net emissions by 2030


  • zero net energy is defined as a community that reduces and matches its local energy needs with a 100% renewable energy supply. In practice, this means energy can be imported from the grid or elsewhere, but needs to be matched with local renewable generation which in turn can be exported during periods when generation exceeds local demand

  • Zero net emmissions is defined as reaching carbon neutrality, in that the local carbon emmssions are reduced, sequestered or otherwise offset.


At t2zero, we aim to:

- raise energy literacy levels to allow consumers to make more informed choices

- provide customers with energy efficiency solutions that have tangible economic and environmental benefits

- partner with reliable trades people to provide fixed price installation solutions

- source premium, energy efficient products at the lowest possible installed price

- offer payment options that facilitates the adoption of energy efficient technology (coming soon)

When we were building our own home in the late 00s, we were advised by the local plumbing supply outlet that “heat pumps don’t work in our cold climate”. We ended up installing evacuated tubes with an LPG gas boost and even had a backup element installed in the storage tank. With all of these back-up components, we could never tell how effective the evacuated tubes were.


10 years later, we happened upon the Reclaim Energy brand that was just launching in early 2019. We had been working for 18 months with the local Council’s ZNet initiative. It was so obvious to us that replacing conventional electric hot water systems with a Reclaim Energy hot water heat pump would make a significant positive environmental impact by dramatically reducing household electricity consumption AND associated emissions.


The Reclaim Energy hot water heat pump was made in Japan, to Reclaim’s specifications, worked perfectly in cold climates, used a benign working fluid/refrigerant (CO2) was so quiet & super energy efficient. Quite frankly it ticked ALL the boxes. We launched our business t2zero with just the one product – the Reclaim Energy hot water heat pump in mid-2019.

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