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Apricus All in one R290 Hot Water Heat Pump

The All-In-One Heat Pump APHP-R290-260:

260L Storage Volune

2-6 people capacity

70% Energy Savings

6 Year Warranty

70 degrees celcius max temp

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It’s never been a better time to get an intelligent All-In-One Air Source Water Heat Pump

Water heating is the second largest segment of household energy use

Apricus All In One Heat Pump reduces energy costs by 70% compared to conventional electric and gas water heaters, with an annual carbon reduction rating of 3 tonnes. Eligible for solar and heat pump water heater rebates, saving you more on your annual energy bills

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Apricus Kyneton.jpeg
Apricus Kyneton.jpeg

Thanks very much my Heat Pump installation went very well. Adrian and Tom and team were fantastic.  Very quick, cleaned up after and explained everything.  

I have great hot water now. 

So glad I saw the info about the initiative in the local kyneton paper. Thanks for all your expertise, info and organisation Jürgen, it’s been a great experience for me. Chris C Kyneto

Why t2zero?

We wish that everyone could have a Reclaim Energy (or Apricus) hot water heat pump.


To that end, we provide a one-stop-shop that takes the mystery and hassle out of the process. The price you pay is the fully installed price AFTER all applicable rebates. We do our homework BEFORE we install to ensure all eventualities have been considered when designing an optimal installation. On the rare occasion something unforeseen comes up, we will consult with you to determine a mutually acceptable course of action.


The trades we work with have literally been hand-picked as they share our values of integrity, reliability, transparency and excellence in customer service and workmanship. We are very proud of our installation team who all run their own successful businesses.


The consistently positive feedback we receive from our customers is a tremendous source of pride and satisfaction. We stopped advertising years ago and instead, focussed on delivering consistent, high quality service to everyone that reaches out to us.

"Hepburn Energy has co-delivered two heat pump hot water bulk buys with the t2zero team in 2021 and 2023.  These programs have delivered over 100 heat pump hot water systems in our local area.  Through the bulk buys t2zero has provided high-quality systems and professional service."


Taryn     Hepburn Energy

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