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Our goal is to provide cost-effective energy solutions that transition your home/business to zero net energy and zero net emissions, by:

  • reducing your energy consumption – saving you money

  • increasing your energy production - saving you money

  • reducing reliance on non-renewable fuels by embracing the all-electric home/business

  • future-proofing your home/business - being P2P, VPP, microgrid, battery storage and EV ready

​​5 things you can do to reduce your energy bills

  1. Replace your hot water system with an energy efficient CO2 heat pump water heater - click here for more information

  2. Install rooftop solar (replaces grid electricity with onsite electricity production) - download our solar packages below

  3. Draft-proof home (lowers heating & cooling costs)

  4. Insulate home (lowers heating & cooling costs)

  5. Replace incandescent lights with LED lighting (reduces lighting costs)

Right now there are incredible incentives available that make installing solar very attractive

   We make the process simple:

  1. We help you determine the optimal system size based on your energy usage

  2. We have priced several popular sized solar packages using Tier 1 panels and inverters (see below for details) and can also quote your preferred panel/inverter combination

  3. We explain the incentives available and guide you through the application process

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